Perfect Fit

For something to appear effortless, more than likely there was an incredible amount of planning. It is therefore safe to say that the detailed planning for Time Machine began in September of last year and many plans and spreadsheets have been crossing between Portugal and Manchester by email to hone the schedule for the 10 day installation period.

A prime example of this is Lilicoptère, a gilded Bell 47 helicopter covered in bright pink ostrich feathers and thousands of Swarovski Crystals. If Marie Antoinette had survived the revolution, this would have been her escape pod.  Its interior is decorated with gold leaf detailing, leather upholstery, walnut wood, and Arraiolos rugs. It arrived in four sections, the landing skids, cabin, tail boom and rotor, each housed in its own separate crate. Once assembled it is over 12 meters long and 3 meters tall.

The tail boom was disassembled in the loading bay before it was wheeled into the art lift. The work is finished with gold leaf and varnish, which actually makes it very difficult to dismantle, as the tools mark the surface. But very slowly, and with great care, the back of the section came off.

And they fitted perfectly!

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